Meet Lexi


Welcome! I’m Lexi.

I’m the lady behind the camera. I’m a natural introvert, so expect all my shy questions, I’m way more interested in your story than my own.

I love sunshine and salt water, but dream of mountains and sagebrush. I will always choose wildflowers over roses. Hand-me-downs fill my bucket. There’s something about someone else’s treasures that draws me in. Used books with notes penciled into the margins, pages worn soft over the years, discolored just the right amount, not much is more magical in my world, except for old maps and my little girls’ belly laughs.

I miss my grandma’s hands, the way they seemed to always be at work in the kitchen, using her apron to wipe the tears of laughter from her eyes, or pushing my hair out of my face and telling me to stand up straight. I miss the way my grandpa sat with his arms crossed, resting on his round belly that would bounce up and down when he laughed at us playing his favorite game, “Who Loves Grandpa the Most?”

I miss hanging out in the backyard after dinner, our old yellow lab running around, my dad pitching us softballs so we could practice our swing. Now that I’m a working mom, I think about my mom the most… how I didn’t really notice the beauty in her tired eyes, or how she looked at us with such love and pride, even when life was at its messiest. These are the beautiful, raw details of life that I want to capture.

What are the stories your children will Cherish?